ImportantFrom September 2023, data will no longer be updated on this site, but will remain available until at least September 2024. You can find up-to-date data from ONS, central government via and devolved governments via Welsh Government, Scottish Government and Northern Ireland.

Measuring UK greenhouse gas emissions

The UK is required to report its estimated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on a range of different bases (territorial, residence and footprint) to fulfil a wide range of international agreements as well as for domestic policy making purposes. The three key official measures of UK GHG emissions, territorial, residence and footprint, are explored and defined below.

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Climate and weather
Annual mean temperature (°C) for the UK

Greenhouse gas emissions (territorial basis), Mt CO2e
Use of carbon based fuels (Mtoe)
Ecological status of surface waters in England, 2019
Renewable energy share in total energy consumption, UK, 2021
New planting of UK woodlands, thousand hectares
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