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Climate Change

This is a new service – your feedback will help us improve it.

About the portal

Climate change is a complex system and requires understanding and knowledge to design and implement effective measures to reduce the impacts and severity of associated risks to humans, other forms of life on Earth and the environment.

High quality, trustworthy data, statistics and analysis are required to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation measures and adaptation practices.

In recognition of this, analysts from across government departments, agencies and public bodies have come together to bring these data and statistics into one place for the first time to improve coherence, accessibility and comparability.

This Integrated Data Service Climate Change Portal provides an overview dashboard, visualising six key climate change statistical indicators. You can click through these to discover more indicators and information: climate and weather; emissions of greenhouse gases; drivers contributing to climate change; impacts on nature and society, mitigation measures to limit the scale of climate change; and adaptation metrics to track effective actions and sustainability. There are also explainer articles to support understanding and provide insight, drawing on indicators across these six areas. These include looking at the UK’s changing climate, drivers and responses; measuring UK greenhouse gas emissions; and emissions and international trade.

The data explorer also allows you to search and filter the datasets behind the indicators and explainers on the portal and download them for deeper analysis in a structured open format with consistent formatting.

Next stages depend on feedback
The portal demonstrates the power of bringing high-quality data, statistics and analysis together, making them easier to access and more usable by policymakers and the public. It is currently a prototype – a major step in a wider project, with just a fraction of the range of existing and potential resources that could be brought together. Our ambition is for the portal to evolve to better address the needs of a range of users to inform policymakers and the public even better. This might involve broadening the indicators included and including more local level data, providing a more comprehensive picture of climate change, or mini-dashboards and narratives focusing on particular issues. Or maybe aspects of both. We are keen to gather feedback on the portal and the statistics it presents, how they are presented, and the future developments that might make the portal even more useful.

Do share feedback with us at

We will be gathering feedback over the next few months, which will be vital to informing the evolution of the portal. During this time we will continue to maintain statistics already on the portal.